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A Wyoming native and a Montana resident since 1990. I started my professional career with the Wyoming Stockman /Farmer Stockman magazines in Spokane, Washington and later worked for the Western Livestock Journal. In 1992 I began a decade of employment with the American Angus Association as a regional manager. In the fall of 2001 I began a four year stint at Edwards Angus Ranch, Denton, Montana. After the Edwards Angus dispersion I continued my Angus marketing career at KG Ranch, Three Forks, Montana. In early 2015 we started Ron Frye Marketing. Since 1994 my journey has always had my wife Lanette by my side. We have three children. Randy is a sophomore at MSU studying Business Management. Kyle is a Junior and Jillian a freshman at Manhattan Christian High School.

My mission for Ron Frye Marketing is to build relationships between registered breeders and commercial cattlemen. All the while offering an unbiased knowledge of purebred programs to all cattlemen.

Ron Frye Marketing | Call or Text 406-600-7514

We want to give the cowman the choice to take the chance to make the change in their programs. The 12 purebred programs I am currently working for give the cowman these options while maintaining integrity, years of experience and history along with a relationship for generations to come!

Please give us a call if you have any questions or want to know more about what we can offer.


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